6tour is a multidisciplinary Company where a team with different cultural and educational backgrounds works to constantly develop and update the ideal software for travel agencies and tour operators all over the world.

Based on a quick advancement model, is an evolving portal: it is a proper community where the customers share improvements, updates and their needs to make our service even more precious.



The only company value of is the hospitality offered by the whole distribution chain and the single departments are organized to guarantee and turn it into business.

Company direction
Mission: doing the honours

« direction identifies the projects to be developed in order to collect into the portal travel agencies and tour operators around the world.»
Falzetti Ivano, general manager

Mission: planning and managing the hospitality

«The accountancy department follows and identifies the economic feasibility of the company activities.»
Ferretti Paolo, deputy director
Olivari Serena, accounting management team

Mission: speaking your own language

«Knowing the Sales department team will let you feel comfortable with the portal in order to start a new journey in»
Fabrizi Priscilla, sales manager

Customer Service
Mission: ensuring the hospitality of your customers

«The booking department is always ready to manage your hotel reservations and gives a 24 hours a day assistance both in using the portal and supervising the reservations.»
Poduti Michele, customer service management team

Groups and Land Services department
Mission: promoting the international exchange and the territories knowledge

«The Groups department organizes national and international tours, by request of our foreign partners and manages the reservations of land services, such as cars, guides, transfers and excursions.»
Bartolozzi Monica, Carsetti Valentina and Ceccarelli Michela, tours and land services management team

«Being hospitable is an innate gift. We have chosen the top guys to follow and accompany touristic groups in tours of high quality.»
Danina Lidiya, tour leader manager and quality supervisor

Supplier management
Mission: planning and setting the hospitality details

«The 6tour supplier managers always search for the best suppliers, in order to guarantee a wide range and a high quality standard of service.»
Palmieri Michele, supplier manager

Mission: making your journey everlasting

«The Department of Marketing and Communication plans the future developments, the brand identity and the creative projects of 6tour, by listening carefully the needs of the operators around the world.»
Ramo Chiara, marketing manager

Information Technology
Mission: organizing your trip inside the portal

«A good travel experience comes from low cultural barriers: the portal is your instrument and the IT department makes it functional, quick and skillful.»
Mariotti Marco, solutions architect